John Ferrish established since 2009 in Bandung, Indonesia. Is the first and the one brand that produced harrington jackets in Indonesia. Starting from the desire of the founders to create a famous brand that is able to collaborate on two different things, between fashion and music. And inspired by the legendary British indie music in the 1960′s, and subcultures are MODS victorious at the time. John Ferrish is a LIMITED product that is produced independently and only promote the brand through word of mouth, websites, social networking and sponsoring various music events, with the hope of this product can sell their products to penetrate into international markets. John ferrish always put a quality product, compared to deceive consumers with a poor quality but give him a very expensive price. In other words John Ferrish more priority to the quality of their products, so that customers become loyal to their products. “The Price is Right.” John Ferrish produce various kinds of clothing. Still jacket is a flagship product. Proven that consumers say johnferrish the best products in its class. And they’re loyal! So, prove it.