This is actually a long story *3* When her and Ryuuko where little He worried alot about her so he made her Pinkie promise him that she would meet him at the park beside the large Sakura tree at 10:00pm After it was dark and her siblings and father was a sleep (Or thought she was a sleep) Once they met she would always say "A Promise is a promise, fallowed by a smile" And she would smile at him and they would hold pinkies (Her mother always said that to her) One day they cut down the Old Dieing Sakura tree from the park (She was 14 at the moment and he, 18) And she couldnt stop crying, So he went out and found a new sakura tree outside of the leaf and he showed it to her and made her promise to meet him there, She did. Now in the akatsukis and not seeing him for a year because of suspicious leaf ninjas he made her promise him she would meet him here in a year and she did and she said A promise is a Promise, Fallowed by a Smile" And they held pinkies while talking.