TODAY, I AM A SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!! Today, I am a satisfied customer. I called the corporate office yesterday, spoke with their Regional Service Director and he has now addressed my concerns and made things right.!! NO CHARGE.!! What great service. The only issue I had with them is that they do not stock the brake pads for my HHR. That was an additional fee on the initial install. The ceramic pads were not stocked also, but there was no charge. NO CHARGE..>!!! Took it back in and Todd had it completely checked out. Apparently the metallic pads were not suited to my HHR so they put ceramic pads on. They re-turned the rotors, lightly sanded the read drum shoes and re-tested. No more squeak. NO CHARGE. A GREAT JOB!!! Brakes were squealing Had a complete brake job, pads, calipers, brake fluid flush. After about 1000 miles it developed a squeak in the front brakes.