I LOVE THAT HIS CUSTOMERS APPRECIATE HIM SO MUCH!! My hubby Carl, manager at the Lake Worth Florida store, received this cookie bouquet as a thank-you today. He helped the wife of a Marine deployed in Afghanistan get her truck fixed in a tough situation. It totally made his day! I love that his customers appreciate him so much! And his guys will appreciate him sharing, I'm sure! THEY DID A REALLY GOOD JOB!!! Just received some good news about store 29 Northwest Hwy and manager Dale Warren. The owner of a Mesquite Nail Salon took his vehicle to the this store and is very pleased with the service he received. He told me they did a really good job on his car. Just wanted to pass along the good news. Way to go guys. WHAT A GREAT DEAL!!! Brakes were squealing Had a complete brake job, pads, calipers, brake fluid flush. After about 1000 miles it developed a squeak in the front brakes.