BEST SERVICE I'VE EVER GOTTEN!!!! BEST service I've EVER gotten. When I came in to Just Brakes, my brakes were so bad they were grinding. I knew that this was extremely bad, but I hadn't had the money to bring my car in until then. The guys at Just Brakes got to my car about 5 minutes after I walked in. They took a look, and had me go out and look with them. My brakes were totally shot. I didn't know a lot about brakes, but they showed me exactly what was wrong and why it was bad (I needed new pads, shoes, calipers, break lines, a brand new master cylinder...the works). GAVE ME CERAMIC PADS! What great service. The only issue I had with them is that they do not stock the brake pads for my HHR. That was an additional fee on the initial install. The ceramic pads were not stocked also, but there was no charge.