BEST SERVICE I'VE EVER GOTTEN!!!! BEST service I've EVER gotten. When I came in to Just Brakes, my brakes were so bad they were grinding. I knew that this was extremely bad, but I hadn't had the money to bring my car in until then. The guys at Just Brakes got to my car about 5 minutes after I walked in. They took a look, and had me go out and look with them. My brakes were totally shot. I didn't know a lot about brakes, but they showed me exactly what was wrong and why it was bad (I needed new pads, shoes, calipers, break lines, a brand new master cylinder...the works). EXPLAINED TO ME HOW IT ALL WORKED!!!! Despite the fact that there was a lot wrong with my brakes, I knew they weren't scamming me--they showed me up-close the wear and tear that was on my breaks, and explained to me how it all worked. All while being completely polite and friendly.